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Meet Our Team At Peachtree Restorations!

We are very proud of our team and the great service they provide to our customers!

Meet Our Project Managers

Rafael Berrios, Sales Manager

A devoted husband and father of two. Rafael has worn numerous hats for Peachtree Restorations in his time with the company. His experience working directly with insurance companies on claims gives him deeper insight while serving his client’s needs. When he’s not helping homeowners, you’ll likely find this ex-college soccer player watching either of his two favorite teams: FC Barcelona and Atlanta United.

470-330-2110 or

Speaks English & Spanish.

Part of the 2019 Million Dollar Club.

Won Culture company award in 2021.

Won MVP company award in 2021.

Rafael has been with Peachtree Restorations since 2018.

Erika Kight, Senior Project Manager

Born in New Jersey, but grew up in Georgia. Has not fully given into the southern accent, but uses “y’all.” She currently lives in Canton, GA with her husband, son, two dogs, and two cats. Erika is an avid animal lover, appreciates good food, loves a physical challenge, and gets great joy out of helping others. A graduate from the University of North Georgia. Erika is ranked Blue Belt under Okawa Te Bujutsu Kai and holds certification in Women’s Self Defense and Kickboxing. Erika is solution focused, knowledgeable, talkative, and passionate about creating an excellent client experience.

470-304-4658 or

Won MVP company award in 2020.

Part of the 2020 & 2021 Million Dollar Club.

Won Culture company award in 2019.

Erika has been with Peachtree Restorations since 2019.

Ahmed Alsinjary, Senior Project Manager

Ahmed previously attended university in Dubai where he received a degree for Architecture. He is happy to have found a great opportunity to work with Peachtree Restorations. His number one priority is Customer Satisfaction. He is also a huge fan of soccer!

678-634-5945 or

Ahmed has been with Peachtree Restorations since 2019.

Wells Walker, Project Manager

Born, raised, and currently resides in Sandy Springs, GA. Wells’ main goal with Peachtree Restorations is to make sure all of his customers are provided a truly exceptional experience. When away from work, you will find him spending time with his beautiful wife, baby boy, and dog. He also enjoys pretty much everything outdoors especially golf and fishing. or 470-596-0020

Wells has been with Peachtree Restorations since 2021.

Dan Sinnott, Project Manager

Dan came to Peachtree Restorations from a background in Education. He also coached for over 20 years! He was born in New Jersey, but moved to Gwinnett County while he was in middle school. Dan attended Christian Brothers University. He has been happily married for almost 13 years! He and his wife have two beautiful daughters they are very proud of.

770-500-9727 or

Speaks English & Spanish.

Part of the 2019 Million Dollar Club.

Dan has been with Peachtree Restorations since 2018.

Teddy Ellis, Project Manager

His history in the industry has helped land a great opportunity with Peachtree Restorations. He came from a strong sales background. This experience has helped him be successful with Peachtree Restorations. There is nothing more exciting to him than bringing heavy insurance knowledge to a homeowner when they least expect it. He loves to talk and run his mouth — but for a great cause of course! He’s since obtained state licenses in FL and NC, but being a Project Manager with Peachtree Restorations is even more exciting because of all the experience I have gained. Any question you ask me, I am able to get you that answer!

470-509-1901 or

Teddy has been with Peachtree Restorations since 2018.

Tim Bresko, Project Manager

Married with three kids. Originally from Brooklyn, New York. He was a former Sales Executive for Xerox Corporation. He greatly enjoys the outdoors with activities such as hiking and camping. He is a dog lover and loves to include his dog in his activities.

770-712-4556 or

Tim has been with Peachtree Restorations since 2018.

Alex Raffensperger, Project Manager

Born and raised in Duluth, Georgia. Attended Duluth High School where he graduated in 2011. Has played baseball, football, and hockey his whole life up until attending college at the University of North Georgia Athens campus. Prior to working with Peachtree Restorations, he worked in the car and painting business. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends by either hiking, seeing movies, playing golf, or hanging out on the lake. He is married with two beautiful little girls that mean the world to him. He aspires to be successful by working extremely hard and building lasting relationships. He now resides in Cumming. GO DAWGS!

770-362-8125 or

Top Salesman of Company for 2020 & 2021.

Part of the 2020 & 2021 Million Dollar Club.

Alex has been with Peachtree Restorations since 2018.

Tim Jones, Project Manager

Born and raised in Georgia. Graduated from Parkview High School. Went on to play baseball at Georgia Perimeter junior college and then graduated from University of West Georgia. Came from a background in teaching. Been coaching for 17 years. I have been married to my beautiful wife, Jennifer, for 10 years. Helping people is one of my biggest passions! or 470-596-0016

Daniel Taylor, Project Manager


Cameron Black, Project Manager


Chad Smith, Project Manager


Rey Hernandez, Project Manager


Speaks English & Spanish.

Connor Woodworth, Project Manager


Kenneth Gutzler, Project Manager


Brian Lee, Project Manager


John Walker, Project Manager


Jorge Torres-Lopez, Project Manager


Meet Our Production Team

Chris Holder, Production Manager


Nicole Dominique, Scheduling Coordinator


Rony Orellana, Field Manager

Speaks English & Spanish

Rony has been with Peachtree Restorations since 2016.

Pedro Morales, Site Inspector

Speaks English & Spanish

Pedro has been with Peachtree Restorations since 2019.

Milton Valle, Site Supervisor

Speaks English & Spanish

Irbin Moctezuma, Site Supervisor

Speaks English & Spanish

Humberto Chavez, Site Supervisor

Speaks English & Spanish

Meet Our Management Team

Michael Johnson, Founder & CEO

Established Peachtree Restorations back in 2012. Loves spending free time on the lake with his adoring wife and two daughters. He has been working with roofs for the majority of his life!

Rob Layne, General Manager

Rob has been in the restoration business for most of his career. He has been with Peachtree Restorations since 2017! When he has free time, he enjoys spending family time with his wife and many daughters. Rob believes clarity in communication is the key to his success!


855-448-7663 ext 4

Meet Our Office Staff

Katherine Liss, Finance Manager

Katherine was born and raised in Georgia. She is originally from Marietta, but currently lives in Decatur. She attended Georgia State University and graduated in 2013. She is an avid animal lover with four cats and several goldfish with her husband, Leland. When not working, Katherine spends most of her time reading books, rescuing stray cats, watching films, working on her backyard pond, and canoeing on Georgia rivers. Her favorite genre of media is horror and she consumes as much as possible.

Won MVP company award in 2019. Katherine has been with the company since early 2019.

470-345-3091 (call or text)

Jacquelyn Richards, Operations Manager

Jacquelyn has been working in the contracting industry for the better half of eight years. From reception to operations, she has done it all. Outside of work, Jacquelyn is studying for her Bachelor's degree with a dual major in Legal Studies and Business Administration. She also has a loving and supportive husband, David, and two loud and very needy cats named Jasper and Lu.

Jacquelyn has been with Peachtree Restorations since late 2019.

470-304-4695 (call or text)

Kimberly Daadom, Billing Coordinator

470-596-0015 (call or text)

855-448-7663, ext 3